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Sláine - [Title]

For over ten years Slaine has been one of the most popular characters in the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, 2000AD. Probably the first 2000AD series ( igorning Blackhawk ) to break the traditional mold of futuristic science fiction, Slaine was the brainchild of Pat Mills. The first episode of Slaine was drawn by Angie Kincaid. Slaine mixed celtic mythology with known lifestyles and people of celtic times.Slaine art by Glenn Fabry

Map of The Western Europe in Sláine's Time
In the first episode Sláine met Ukko 'The dwarf' and started the epic jounery home to his tribe, and to recover his name after a five year exile, in what is now called Ireland ( The offical name of Republic of Ireland is Eire ), at that time known as Eriu, from Gabala. On this trip he did many great deeds. After encountering the Wickerman, Ice Dragon, BloodThirsty dwarfs, freakish mutants.
Before coming to the eternal fortess, high in the welsh mountain. Then travelling through and space to the Battle of Clonarf 1014 ( A one of the greastest battles in Irish History between the last High King of Ireland and The Vikings ) to ensure the Irish victory endangered by the intervention of the Demon, Elfric. After this he followed Elfric to Cythral. and returning to his own time to do a tour of astral temple in Glastonbury. Finally he returned to his after been exiled from the sessair and become the tribe's king, as they are now down-trodden ( As shown on the shown on the cover 'Slaine the King' ). He goes on to enbrace the ways of the Horned God in order to gain help from the Earth Godess. He becomes united the various Tribes of Earth Godess ( Celts ) after the great battle and the great flood. Sláine and the tribes begin again in Ireland with Sláine as the first High King of Ireland and he began the tradional Seven reign before begin ritually sarficed.

The Triple Goddess - The goddess could constantly change her form sometimes "splitting" into Maiden, Woman and Hag, othertimes Earth,Moon and sea. Three of her famous names were Blodeuwedd(Maiden),Morrigu(Woman) and Ceridwen( Hag ). The three witches or fates in MacBeth are the Triple Goddess.

The Ogham Alphabet - Mysterious, Celtic form of writing used by Ukko, one of the several versions is given below. It was often written in vertical lines or sometimes in hortizontal lines such as seen on gravestones around Ireland.
The ogham Alphabet, anicent written characters

Sláine, for cover of Prog. 2000Being Irish myself, I think Mills has igorned some important aspects of celts. Newgrange the oldest buildling in europe built 4500 years ago, it was designed to suddenly light the burial chamber within on the winter solitice. The tales of the red-branch knights, Tír ná óg, the queen meave of connacht and the children of lir survive as myths taught in history in classes to seven-eight years olds in Ireland. The celtic holidays of Samhain, that became the modern Halloween and Febuair, where it regonised that the present day St Brigid represented the 'Goddess of the earth' of Slaine's time.

Celtic traditions in Ireland, Brittany, Wales, Scoland and Cornwall

The celtic tales of the Horned God,although the stories like the character is wandering aimlessily of recent times, have produced many brillant strips.

Sláine : The Series Index

All Scripted by Pat Mills.

Title:   The Time Machine
Prog:    330
Date:    20/8/83
Episode: 1
Pages:   6
Art:     Angie Kincaid (Angie Mills)
Reprinted:Best of 2000AD 19
Title:    The beast in the Broch
Prog:     331-334
Date:     27/8/83-17/9/83
Episode:  4
Pages:    25
Art:      Massimo Belardinelli
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 19
Title:     Warrior's Dawn
Prog:      335
Date:      24/9/83
Episode:   1
Pages:     6
Art:       Mike McMahon
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 20,
           Best of 2000AD special edition #1
Title:     The Beltain Giant
Prog:      336
Date:      31/9/83
Episode:   1
Pages:     6
Art:       Mike McMahon
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 20

Title:    Bride of Crom
Prog:     337-342
Date:     8/10/83-12/11/83
Episode:  6
Pages:    36
Art:      Massimo Belarddinelli
Reprinted:Best of 2000AD 20
Title:    The Creeping Death
Prog:      343
Date:      19/11/83
Episode:   1
Pages:     6
Art:       Massimo Belarddinelli
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 59

Title:     The Bull Dance
Prog:      344
Date:      26/11/83
Episode:   1
Pages:     6
Art:       Massimo Belarddinelli
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 59
Title:     Heroes' Blood
Prog:      345-347
Date:      3/12/83-17/12/83
Episode:   3
Pages:     18
Art:       Mike McMahon
Reprinted: Best of 2000AD 59

Title:      Shoggey Beast
Prog:       348-351
Date:       24/12/83-14/1/84
Episode:    4
Pages:      23
Art:        Mike McMahon
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 59
Title:      Sky Chariots
Prog:       352-360
Date:       21/1/84-17/3/84
Episode:    9
Pages:      52
Art:        Mike McMahon
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 21

Title:      Dragonheist
Prog:       361-367
Date:       27/3/84-5/5/84
Episode:    7
Pages:      49
Art:        Massimo Belardinelli
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 22
Title:      The Time Killer
Prog:       411-434
Date:       30/3/85-7/9/85
Episode:    22
Pages:      121
Art:        Glenn Fabry/David Pugh
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 33-34

Title:      The Tomb of Terror
Prog:       447-461
Date:       7/12/85-15/3/86
Episode:    15
Pages:      90
Art:        Fabry/Pugh
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 36/37
Title:      Devil's Banquet
Appeared:   2000ad Sci-fi special 1986
Page:       1 
Art:        Glenn Fabry

Title:      You are Sláine in the Ring of Danu
Appeared:   Diceman #4 (August 1986)
Pages:      30
Art:        Mike Collins (Pencils), Mark Farmer (Inks)

Title:      Spoils of Annwn
Prog:       493-499
Date:       25/10/86-6/12/86
Episode:    7
Pages:      43
Art:        Collins/Farmer
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 93
Title:      Sláine The King
Prog:       500-519
Date:       13/12/86-25/4/87
Episode:    12
Pages:      62
Art:        Glenn Fabry
Reprinted:  Best of 2000AD 81
Title:      Sláine the king - mini-series
Prog:       589-591
Date:       27/8/88-10/9/88
Episode:    3
Pages:      14
Art:        Glenn Fabry
Reprinted:  2000AD Yearbook 93
Title:      Sláine the King - The arrow of God
Prog:       2000AD annual 1989
Pages:      7
Art:        Steve Parkhouse

Title: Sláine: The Horned God Book I
Prog: 626-635
Date: 13/5/89-15/7/89
Episode: 10
Pages: 60
Art: Simon Bisley
Reprinted: Graphic Novel
Title: Sláine: The Horned God Book II
Prog: 650-656
Date: 28/10-9/12/89
Episode: 7
Pages: 42
Art: Simon Bisley
Reprinted: Graphic Novel

Title: Sláine: The Horned God Book II
Prog: 662-664
Date: 20/1/89-3/2/89
Episode: 3
Pages: 18
Art: Simon Bisley
Reprinted: Graphic Novel
Title: Sláine: The Horned God Book III
Prog: 688-698
Date: 21/7/90-29/9/90
Episode: 11
Pages: 67
Art: Simon Bisley
Reprinted: Graphic Novel

Title: Slaine the high king
Prog: 2000AD yearbook
Episode: 1
Art: Glenn Fabry
Title: The Jealousy of Niamh
Prog: 850-850
Episode: 2
Pages: 12
Art: Greg Staples/Nick Percival

Title: Demon Killer Book I
Prog: 852-859
Date: 11/9/93-30/10/93
Episode: 8
Pages: 48
Art: Glenn Fabry/Dermot Power
Reprinted: Graphic Novel
Title: Demon Killer Book II : Queen of Witches
Prog: 889-896
Episode: 8
Pages: 48
Art: Dermot Power
Reprinted: Graphic Novel

Title: Untitled
Prog: Slaine Poster prog
Date: 1/1/94
Episode: 1
Pages: 6
Art: Dermot Power
Title: The name of the sword
Prog: 950-956
Date: 15/7/95-8/95
Episode: 6
Art: Greg staples

Title: Lord of Misrule
Prog: 958-963, 995-998
Date: 9/95-10/95
Episode: 11
Art: Clint Langley
Slaine becomes Robin Goodfellow. Ok, another version of Robin Hood, surprisingly Mills did not look to the series Robin of Sherwood, in which robin worships a horned god of the forest. (It also had the Clánnad music,'The Hooded man')

Title: The Bowels of Hell
Prog: 1000
Episode: 1
Art: Jim Murray
Title: The Treasures of Britain Book I
Prog: 1001-1010
Episode: 10
Art: Dermot Power

Title: The Cloak of Fear
Prog: 1011-1012
Episode: 2
Art: Steve Tapin
Title: Treasures of Britain Book 2
Prog: 1024-1031
Episode: 8
Pages: 48
Art: Dermot Power

Title: Demon Hitch-Hiker
Prog: 1032
Episode: 1
Pages: 6
Art: Steve Tapin
Title: King of Hearts
Prog: 1033-1039
Episode: 7
Pages: Braveheart take-off
Art: Nick Percival
I felt 'King of Hearts' was the low-point for Slaine, a slow decline from the Horned God saga but the series now looks like recovering
Why, oh, why is the William Wallace era the only one that comes up when talkng about the scottish Celts.

New story arc starts involving the Cathars ( The Grail War starts with page introduction to this little known culture to which christian phrase of 'the body and blood of christ' is originated )
Title:      Grail War
Prog:       1040-1049
Episode:    10
Art:        Steve Tapin

Title:      Secret of the Grail
Prog:       1090-1099
Date:       15/4/98-23/6/98
Episode:    10
Art:        Steve Tapin
New story-arc begins with a 24-page special that takes up the whole of issue 1100, The lost years, promises to return Slaine to his roots
Title:      Lords of the beast
Prog:       1100
Episode:    1
Pages:      24
Art:        Rafael Garres
Title:      Kai
Prog:       1104-1107
Episode:    4
Written:    Pat Mills/Debbie Gallagher
Art:        Paul Staples

Title:      The Banishing
Prog:       1108-1109
Episode:    2
Written:    Mills & Gallagher
Art:        Wayne Reynolds
Title:      The Triple Death
Prog:       1111
Pages:      10
Written:    Pat Mills 
Art:        Wayne Reynolds

Title:      The Swan Children
Prog:       1112-1114
Episode:    3
Written:    Pat Mills 
Art:        Siku
title:      Macha
Prog:       1115-1118
Episode:    4
Written:    Pat Mills 
Art:        Paul Staples
Title:      Beyond
Prog:       Prog 2000 special (1173+)
Episode:  1    Pages:  6
Written:    Pat Mills 
Art:        Greg Staples
title:      Macha

"They build gigantic Wicker work figures, the limbs of are filled with living men.
They are then set on fire and the victims burnt. they think the gods prefer the 
deaths of thieves, outlaws and other prisoners..
But when they run short,they do not hesitate to make up with innocent men.." 
"A grove there was, untouched by mens hands from ancient times,whose branches enclosed a space
 of darkness and cold shade.  There birds feared to perch and   wild beasts would not lie down.
 Gods were worshipped with savage rites...   the altars were heaped with hideous offerings ...
 and every tree was sprinlked  with human gore" 

"taste the fruits of the forest , Eat of the golden bough drink of its sap. So you may be 
 vigorous and fruitful." 

(from the the anicent chronicle )
"Behold the day come and the whole develish public procession goes forth. The new year is
 consecreated with old blasphemies. hatever deformities are lacking  in nature art labours to 
 fashion. People dressed as cattle and men are turned into women..  If anyone goes about as a
 stag or a bull,that is making himself into a WILD animal by putting on the head of a beast, 
 penance for three years because of these devilish."
 Early christian account of the old pagan rituals. 

Ancient Rhyme

 "Heavens above ,heavens  below,
  stars above ,stars below,
  all that is over,under  shall show.
  happy thou who the riddle readest. "

Ancient rhyme
 "taste the fruits of the forest , Eat of the golden bough drink of its sap. So you may be 
  vigorous and fruitful." 

Anicent chronicle 
A History of early Ireland. Slaine.

    Five Chiefians, who were at same time brothers, landed in Ireland. They found it
    they found it uninhabited and divided it in five equal proportions amongst them
    themselves.When these five brothers ,namely Gann, Sengann, Rudraige and Slaine had divided
    the island, each portion  had a little section meeting at a certain stone in 
    Meath said to be the Navel of Ireland, as it were, placed right in the middle ofthe land
   "As time went on and fortune varied and as is her want, turned many thigs upside down in a 
    short time,Slaine became the High king of Ireland as a result is called the first king of 
    Ancient chronicle
   "From an old and evil custom the celts always carry an axe intheir hand as if it were a staff.
    Wherever they go,they drag it along with them. In this way,if they have a feeling for evil,
	they can quickly give it effect..
    When they see the opportunity, this weapon has not to be unsheathed such as a sword, or as a
    bow ,or poised as a spear. Without preparation,it inflicts a mortal blow ...
    At hand, or rather , in the hand and ever ready, is that which is enough to cause death." 
   "When enqiuring into matters of great importance,the Druids have a strange and incredible
    custom.. They stab to death a human being.. and foretell the future from the convulsions of
	his limbs and the spurting of the blood.. "

Ancient Chroncile

   "They appoint their King with a rite altogether barbarous and abominable."
   "A white mare is brought into the assembly and killed,cut up into pieces,and boiled in water..
    Then he who is to be inaugated, not as a prince but a beast,comes before the people on all
	fours, confesssing himself a beast also.." 
   " He sits in a cauldron surrounded by his people and they eat of the meat which gives to
     He is then required to drink of the broth in which he bathes, not in any cup,not even in
	 his hand,but lapping it up with his mouth..."
    "When this unrightous and outlandish rite is carried out ,his kingship is concessed

An ancient desription of a Celtic coronation 
    Judging by the Tain (with a comprehensive account of the warping *) while he 
    was "wonder-wrath",Slaine's cheeks would have "peeled back from jaws
    until the gullet appeared and his lungs and liver flapped about in his mouth"
    And rising up from the center of his skull:"A straight spout of black blood",
    as he furiously "twisted around in his skin."
    His warriors would have been in a similar warped state... tramformed into
    monstrous things, with "spurts of fire flickering red around them,from the
     maligant gases" they gave off

    *  The Tain desribes Cuchulain's warp-spasm, but other Celtic 
    heroes went into simalar berserker frenies. Murdach, King Brian Boru's
     son at the Battle of Clontarf ,in 1014, was "the last man who killed a 
    hundred in one day."

    Nevertheless, it would seem likely Medb was defeated -although Ukko 
    does not indicate whether she survived the battle or shared the fate of her
    spectral army. Neither does he make it clear whether she is the sensual Queen
    Medb of legend who had "at least nine husbands" and became ruler of Connacht.
    But she is, at least a kindred spirit of the legendary character, described 
    as  being "lavish with her physical friendship",who is reputed to be buried 
    in the Hill of Kings, in Silgo
    as to Tribes of the Earth Goddess, the Annuals state they were," Most notable
    Magicians who did wonderful things by magick and other diabolical arts wherein,
    they are exceedingly well skilled." And relate how their flying ships crossed 
    the Irish coast concealed in a black cloud, "which cast a darkness upon the sun
    for three days and nights..."

  It was in mist the Tuatha de Danann, the Tribes of the Godess Danu, the Men of the Triple
  Godess, came through the high air to Ireland."
 "It was from the North they came; from four cities skilled in Witchcraft and Wizardary :great
  Falias and shinning Gorias and Finias and rich Murias...
  And they brought from those four cities their four most holy and precious treasures: A Stone 
  of Virtue from Falias They Called Lia Fail, the Stone of Density..."
 "And from Gorias they brought a Sword from from whose stroke no one ever escaped or recovered.."
 "And from Finias a Spear of Victory that was alive and thristy for slaughter."
 "And from Murias the fourth Treasure,the Cauldron that no company well went  from unsatisfied."
  Here used to be. A high idol with many fights Which was named the Crom Cruach
  It made every tribe to be without peace, He was their God
  The withered Crom with many mists 
  The people whom he shook over every host The everlasting kingdom they shall not have
  They did evil They beat their palms, they pounded their bodies,
  Wailing to the deom who enslaved them
  They shed failing showers of tears

  Crom-Cruach:-  the "bloody maggot" God was worshipped on the Plain of Adoration where
     "great was the horror of scare of him"

	Her lips were red,her looks were free,
	Her locks were yellow as gold,
	Her skin was white as leprosy,
	The Nightmare Life-in-Death was she,
	Who thicks man's blood with cold.         

A desription of the Dark Goddess

The Sláine epic, which some compared to Cónan, expect that it was building to a climax with flood and disappearance of 'Tir Ná Óg'. (with a couple detours such as 'Time Killer' ). After that, well each story has to judged on own merits.

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Slaine & Niamh: Eternal Love by Julian Gibson

Ukko, (art by Glenn Fabry)

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